Commentary on the Ukraine Controversy by Dr. Don Soeken

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The Baltimore Sun has published a commentary by Dr. Donald Soeken, founder and president of the Whistleblower Support Fund, who observes “the Ukraine controversy serves as a painful – but also very hopeful – reminder that ‘speaking the truth to power’ is often a crucial step in defending our liberties and protecting the rule of law.”

While working as a U.S. Public Health Service social worker in Washington, D.C., in the late 1970s, Soeken blew the whistle on forced fitness-for-duty psychiatric examinations of federal workers. Those targeted by the exams, he found, included whistleblowers. (more…)

WSF founder Don Soeken recognized as a social work pioneer

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Dr. Donald Soeken, founder and Executive Director of the Whistleblower Support fund, has been honored as a Social Work Pioneer by the National Association of Social Workers.  Those selected for the honor “have served as steadfast leaders, and their work has had a ripple effect, collectively impacting millions of people over the years through their advocacy, scholarship, publications, and more. ” (more…)

OMB’s Misguided Leak Prevention Plan

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In a January 10 article, FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley and Linda Lewis examine the Obama administration’s recent memo ordering government agencies to have psychiatrists and sociologists monitor federal employees for evidence of unhappiness.  The order presumes that mood is a reliable predictor of  untrustworthiness to handle sensitive information.  In fact, psychiatric evaluations are a poor predictor of truthworthiness.  (more…)