Donate to Individuals

Often, people want to help a specific whistleblower whose plight has come to their attention.  Typically, the whistleblower’s need is great because many lose their jobs and are blacklisted from other employment. The cost of legal representation against a deep-pocketed employer, or former employer, can be enormous. Also, whistleblowers may have healthcare costs associated with exposure to a toxic or stressful environment.

These days, it is typical for a whistleblower to set up a web page or crowdfunding page to accept donations in addition to telling the public their story. Other individuals or organizations sometimes solicit donations on a whistleblower’s behalf if the whistleblower is unable to do so.

The Whistleblower Support Fund posts links to whistleblower donation web pages as a service to whistleblowers and a convenience to potential donors. Please note, however, that WSF has no control over the sites, receives nothing in return and may have limited ability to verify the authenticity of claims.

Vikki Mata Trial Fundraising

John Kiriakou personal website

Chelsea Manning Legal Defense Fund (with donation matching by First Look Media and Glenn Greenwald)