The International Whistleblower Archive is a permanent digital library of documents, articles, videos and other materials associated with whistleblower cases. Through a partnership with Archive-It, a web archiving service provided by the Internet Archive, the International Whistlelower Archive is able to offer access to its collection to users worldwide.

This comprehensive historical resource will serve as a permanent library for thousands of documents related to the cases of such well-known American whistleblowers, including Ernie Fitzgerald, who reported massive fraudulent cost-overruns in Pentagon weapons programs, FBI whistleblower Fred Whitehurst, who exposed fraudulent practices at the Bureau’s major crime laboratory.  Public documents from the cases of numerous other whistleblowers – Daniel Ellsberg, Frank Serpico, Jim Murtagh and others – also will included.

The International Whistleblower Archive also saves the news and news feeds available elsewhere on this website.

IWA’s Partnership With Archive-It

Archive-It is a web archiving service from Internet Archive, a digital library, founded in 1996. Internet Archive data centers based in San Francisco, California, store information on the internet.  The IWA collection is available, at no cost to users, on the Archive-It website  (