Dr. Soeken’s tips for whistleblowers

Dr. Donald Soeken, founder and Executive Director of the Whistleblower Support Fund, appeared recently on The Whistleblower with Mychal Wilson, Esq.  Soeken spoke with Wilson about his work helping whistleblowers and offered whistleblowers a glimpse of what they can expect after they go public with concerns.

“Most whistleblowers that I’ve interviewed get depressed,” Soeken told Wilson. “You can imagine why they would get depressed. If you have a job, you have a career, and that’s what your known for, and you lose it, then you start feeling like life isn’t worth living, because “I don’t have any way to make a living.”

But, whistleblowers have a lot of power, says Soeken. “It’s going to be tough,” he says, but “we’re going to help you through it.”

Soeken and Wilson know from personal experience what whistleblowers experience. Soeken exposed government abuses of psychiatric exams to retaliate against whistleblowers. Wilson blew the whistle on fraud at Bristol-Myers Squib.

See the video of Dr. Soeken’s interview here .  For more information, read Dr. Soeken’s book, “Don’t Kill the Messenger.”  A sample chapter and purchase information are available here.