Restructuring an unsustainable federal spending machine

(1B) Judicial Branch – Like the prior executive branch examples, Eric Holder (RDB political appointee) first worked in the Justice Department and then obtained a position in the Covington & Burlington law firm defending clients like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase, and others. So, why are we surprised that these same firms were never held accountable?  Like the executive branch, the judicial branch must also include the elimination of all political appointee RDBs and be restructured, top to bottom. For details supporting these statements, see the Newsweek May 14, 2012 issue , “Why Can’t Obama Bring Wall Street to Justice?”

(1C) Congress   (legislative branch)   – Congress gets paid twice, once by taxpayers, and then again by lobbyists for undermining that legislation. A single example illustrates how these Congressional rewrites of their own legislation makes a mockery of Congress’ legislation and all government laws. Consider that in the 1860’s Congress passed the False Claims Act, or Lincoln Law, to hold unscrupulous contractors accountable for repaying the government for their sale of decrepit horses, faulty ammunition, etc. Today, Congress has rewritten the False Claims Act and rendered that legislation meaningless by exempting the executive, judicial, and legislative branches from prosecution for their joint roles in (now) allowing both public and private sector contractors to deliver (knowingly) deficient goods and services.” Payment for those deficient goods and services are, of course, complements of the U.S. taxpayer, as illustrated in sections (1A) and (1B), above. For more information on how Congress, the White House, and lobbyists work together to undermine the American people’s interests, please read Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone article, “The Slow Painful Death of Dodd Frank.”

Look at the above executive, judicial, and legislative branch examples and realize that the 15 trillion dollar spike in the national debt involved the redistribution of trillions of dollars in wealth from the taxpayer to greedy and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and corporations, all for producing nothing of value. Today, the American people have the choice of allowing both Republicans and Democrats to make their arbitrary and superficial 10% cuts to a 100% dysfunctional bureaucracy. Or, work with unions, whistleblowers, and the next administration to demand the necessary executive, judicial, and legislative branch reforms and checks and balances to dramatically cut the government’s operating costs, as summarized in the next section.