Restructuring an unsustainable federal spending machine

Two DOD articles highlight the sheer hypocrisy of both parties’ feigned interest in accounting for the taxpayer’s money, how all three government branches intentionally undermine its civil service accountants and auditors, and how those deficient accounting systems provide a lucrative and ongoing revenue source for politicians and their campaign contributing benefactors, the FMCs. On February, 11, 2009, a CBS News article,“The War On Waste” described DOD’s inability to account for $2.3 trillion in transactions and how Jim Minnery, a DOD auditor, was dumbfounded at his supervisor’s total lack of concern over serious accounting-related problems. On January 30, 2012, The Intel Hub article, “DOD Can’t Account for Billions in Iraq,”raised the issue that DOD’s inability to account for billions of dollars of Iraq’s, and the taxpayer’s, money was not so much an issue of incompetence but that “individuals in government were conspiring to cash in.”

DOD’s cover-ups also mirror what has occurred within all 24 CFO Act entities. In October 1987, Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Treasury Department political appointee RDBs knowingly outsourced the FMC’s deficient (non GAAP-based) financial software to all 24 CFO Act entities. This government-wide outsourcing initiative also included a concurrent effort to eliminate the minimal 4-year college accounting degree OPM requirement for professional accountants and auditors and to replace those professionals with former accounting clerks. Today, 25 years later, with multibillions already spent on deficient non GAAP-based financial software (with no end in sight), all 24 CFO Act entities still rely on manually manipulated (fudged) Excel spreadsheet totals to prepare all 24 CFO Act entities’ financial statements. But, how is this possible? The answer is that the only professional accountants involved in the process are the FMCs. The FMCs design, implement, train these clerks (now accountant managers) to use this deficient accounting software, and then audit their own deficient processes. Then, these (new) accountant managers are forced into eliminating the few remaining whistleblower accountants (and auditors) since they lack the technical credentials to refute their assertions of deficient systems and the resultant waste, fraud, and abuse of the taxpayer’s money, a lose/lose for everyone involved.

The all-encompassing nature of these 24 CFO Act entity cover-ups and the extremes that these (new) accountant managers are willing to take is best illustrated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA), Office of the Chief Financial Office (OCFO). Over the course of a 20-year period, these cover-ups included EPA’s and a government-wide inability to generate accurate financial statements. EPA’s desperation to hide these deficiencies included ongoing threats, retaliation, lying under oath, conspiracy to cover-up those lies, abuse of the freedom of information act (FOIA), abuse of the government’s confidential business information (CBI) policies, and a myriad of violations of Congress’ laws, and EPA’s rules and regulations. The entities involved in these all encompassing cover-ups included the EPA Administrator, OCFO, Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office of General Counsel (OGC), and other outside offices such as the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) that was (on paper) supposed to protect whistleblowers. Documentation describing the above events appears in the National Accountant Whistleblower Coalition (NAWBC) website, Documentation Section. This documentation includes internal emails, letters to : Chairman, Government Affairs Committee (Senator Fred Thompson) , certified letters to GAO’s current and former Comptroller General’s of the U.S . questioning the accuracy of 14 years of their written Congressional testimony, Congress (Plelosi & Reid) , OSC 2010 cover-up FOIA & CBI abuse , EPA Administrator, CFO, OIG, and OGC cover-up , OPED Article, and much more.