Restructuring an unsustainable federal spending machine

The remainder of this article provides background information to understand why the government must be restructured in order to implement some very necessary checks and balances to eliminate the trillion dollar annual deficits and cut the 16 trillion in national debt. This documentation is examined in two sections: (1) An Unsustainable Federal Spending Machine and (2) Restructure the Government and Cut Annual Operating Costs by a Minimal 50%.   The first section contains internet links to magazine / newspaper articles, and whistleblower documentation detailing how all three government branches work as one to enrich themselves and their corporate benefactors, to the detriment of the American people. The second section emphasizes the need for an “open, transparent, and accountable” government that includes permanent roles for government unions and whistleblowers to address over 30 years of internal threats to this government’s financial and national security.
Why? Because, together, government unions and whistleblowers have a vested interest, the knowledge, and the experience to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of the taxpayer’s money as one of those hidden and politically-induced costs that dwarf all other government operating costs. The best possible, and positive, way for unions to protect their employees is by having the highest qualified and credentialed government managers to mentor, rather than abuse and fire, their employees. Oversight and enforcement of upgraded Office of Personnel Management (OPM) position standards ensures the highest qualified managers, promotes efficiency, and cuts waste, a win/win for the next administration and the American people. The whistleblower community has a varying array of professionals including scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, procurement specialists, accountants, auditors, and other professionals that can work with the next administration to cut the government’s operating costs by a minimal 50% in two ways: (1) eliminate bogus, politically-inspired contracts and contractors that waste the taxpayer’s money and produce nothing of value, and (2) identify the specific legislative and government reforms needed restore the checks and balances between all 3 government branches. The last page of this article contains an initial and open list of some of those proposed reforms that will be forwarded to government unions and the whistleblower community for their additions, and edits. The final list will be publicized and forwarded to the next administration and to Congress, for their review and discussion with both government unions and the whistleblower community.(1) An Unsustainable Federal Spending Machine

Look at the facts and realize that, in just over 30 years, the federal debt has skyrocketed by over 15 trillion dollars, from 930 billion in 1980 to 16.3 trillion in 2012. Realize that both Republicans and Democrats undermined the Constitution and broke the government’s laws by either weakening the government’s infrastructure to implement its deregulation, outsourcing, and war-related political agendas, and/or in covering up that fact. Either way, over 2.5 million security (FBI, CIA, and NSA) and non-security civil-service professionals have faced over three decades’ worth of political pressures to hide all levels of collusion, corruption, and blatant government waste; those whistleblowers who spoke out and told the truth were then illegally undermined in the following ways: (1) harassed, retaliated against, ostracized, and fired, (2) forced to sign settlement agreements barring them from future federal jobs, and (3) covertly eliminated the minimal 4-year college degree OPM requirement from professional-position standards, beginning in the 1980s for accountant, auditor, and Department of Energy (DOE) electrical engineer positions, and probably others. These political maneuvers not only replaced the 1980s professionals but further ensured that all new hires were equally unqualified to obtain the compliant and unquestioning bureaucracy needed to rubberstamp the government’s inane deregulation, outsourcing, and war-related agendas., (4) Congress’ ongoing failure to pass real whistleblower-protection legislation, and (5) politicians and/or political appointee RDB cover-ups of blatant government waste and wrongdoing by abusing the State Secrets Privilege (SSP) and confidential business information (CBI) policies.