Daniel Ellsberg Congratulates Ecuador On Assange Asylum Decision


Daniel Ellsberg, who became known as the “Pentagon Papers whistleblowers” was interviewed Friday on Democracy Now! about Ecuador’s decision to grant diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder and publisher of whistleblower disclosures.   Dr. Ellsberg said, “I congratulate Ecuador, of course, for standing up to the British Empire here, for insisting that they are not a British colony, and acting as a sovereign state ought to act. And I think they’ve done the right thing.”

Some critics of the effort to grant asylum to Assange have alleged that it is absurd to believe that the U.S. would extradite him when charges have not been filed against him. Dr. Ellsberg addressed those criticisms in his interviewing, pointing out the extraordinary measures that have been taken to have Assange extradited to Sweden.  Assange “has every reason to be wary that the real intent here is to whisk him away to America,” said Ellsberg.   “I don’t see why he couldn’t be put in indefinite detention, without even the charges that I faced 40 years ago for doing the exact same things that he did.”  Ellsberg said it was possible that the U.S. could use the new National Defense Authorization Act to put Assange in military detention “for suspicion of giving aid to an enemy, which he’s certainly been accused of by high American officials.” ( H/T to truthout.)