Petition Seeks Support For Marine Corps Whistleblower

Franz Gayl, a Marine Corps science and technology adviser, helped to disclose “life-threatening” problems in the Pentagon’s efforts to field Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles,” according to U.S. Senators Joseph Biden, D-Del., and Kit Bond, R-Mo, who called him a “conscientious whistle-blower” and a “hero.” But, the bureaucracy didn’t take kindly to Gayl’s efforts to protect troops in the Iraq.

“Anyone who actually tried to help us, like Franz, ended up getting a bloody nose from the bureaucracy. Anybody who tried to work with Franz got ostracized,” Gary Wilson, the colonel who met Gayl in Anbar, said. “The reason people take umbrage with Franz is not just over the MRAP. It’s because he made an indictment of the whole system.
The Marine Corps responded to Gayl’s disclosure by suspending his security clearance and placing him on administrative leave.  GAP’s Shanna Devine writes:
Gayl engaged in protected activity under the Whistleblower Protection Act by disclosing unclassified information to the media – and only after his warnings about the MRAP delays were repeatedly stonewalled within the chain of command. However, the WPA does not protect whistleblowers from getting their security clearances yanked after retaliatory investigations – a quick and dirty method of stripping them of their job duties.

The Government Accountability Project and the Project on Government Oversight created a petition calling an end to the retaliation against Gayl and resintatement of Gayl’s security clearance.  This is the last week they will be collecting signatures before submitting the petition, so act now to have your voice heard on behalf of an dedicated civil servant.

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