London Police Investigate Death of NOTW Whistleblower

Police are investigating the death of Sean Hoare, the “former News of the World reporter who first claimed that Andy Coulson knew of phone hacking by his staff,” found dead at his home on July 18.

Hertfordshire police described the death as “unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious.”

Hoare’s body was discovered at his home in Watford, a suburb north of the British capital, less than a year after he became the first named journalist to allege that onetime editor Andy Coulson knew about hacking at the tabloid. (International Business Times)

Only a week before his death, Hoare contacted the New York Times and the Guardian with new allegations that journalists were making payments to the police” (IBT) and using police technology to track phones (Washington Post).   While that would seem worthy of the prime real estate in an article about the death, the New York Times instead gave precedence to this allegation, apparently before any investigation had occurred.

According to the newspaper [?], Mr. Hoare, who “worked on The Sun and The News of the World with Coulson before being dismissed for drink and drugs problems,” was “said to have been found dead at his Watford home.”

Jacques Peretti (The Guardian) makes this interesting observation. “Shockingly, Sean died suddenly just one day before Murdoch appeared before the parliamentary select committee, never getting to see the fruit of his labours in trying to expose all this.”