Navigating Our Sacred Morality

(“For my new and precious friends at Whistleblower Support Center… Those for whom cause is justification enough to act…And, the rest of us who “stand around” watching you exercise our morality… for us!! May we soon join greater forces with one other!”) – Phil Towle, May 2011

With conscience my compass,
I navigate my sacred morality…
Through life’s obstacle course of “temptation…”
Seeking what’s righteous over what’s expedient…

Oh, I too… have justified “easy…”
By rationalizing my ethics away…
“But, honestly, I was never ‘trying’ to hurt you,
Just serving my special interests…You understand!”

Gratefully, the nagging pain I feel,
When taking advantage of you…
Calls me to guilty consequences,
Far larger than any benefits scored…

And, I am “forced” to pay internal penance,
For being promiscuous with my principles…
Returning shamefully to being “right” with my world,
And, most critically, with myself!

Do you not witness the world I see?
Don’t, look away…! Of course, you do…!
But, how come, when my eyes are shut,
I still see what I don’t want to…?

Have we become so frightened,
So self serving, so self indulgent,
That “whatever we can get away with,”
Is measure of our accomplishment?

How can you go stone blind to lies?
Pretend what (you know) is wrong… isn’t?
While my guidance system demands that,
I risk my life for that which we’re “supposed” to be?

Please, God! How many times, have I pleaded,
For the sightlessness of ignorance…?
Will you not grant my integrity, one day “off…”
From my battle to hold on to truth…?

I am no bigger, nor better…
Than my fellow eyewitnesses,
Just bigger burdened…
Or, maybe “destiny’s” chosen?

Whatever! I can never retire my “compass…”
Without which, I am lost…
And, if I lose my way…
I lose more than direction…

I lose ME…!!!

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