Exposing corruption–a talk by Peter Eigen

Like many people who try to work within their organization to address corruption, Peter Eiger, formerly of the World Bank, encountered resistance.  Below is an excerpt from his talk.

I used to work as the director of the World Bank office in Nairobi for East Africa At that time, I noticed that corruption, that grand corruption, that systematic corruption, was undermining everything we were trying to do. And therefore, I began to not only try to protect the work of the World Bank, our own projects, our own programs against corruption, but in general, I thought, we need a system to protect the people in this part of the world from the ravages of corruption. And, as soon as I started this work, I received a memorandum from the World Bank, from the legal department first, in which they said, you’re not allowed to do this. You are meddling in the internal affairs of our partner countries. This is forbidden by the charter of the World Bank. So I want you to stop your doings.

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