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Take action against corruption

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The Whistleblower Support Fund provides strategic counseling, emotional and professional support, referral to attorneys, social workers, career counselors and/or journalists, and technical assistance to meritorious whistleblowers. Although we value the disclosures made by whistleblowers, our focus is on the whistleblower’s well-being, even after the disclosure is no longer news. A good support system is vital to a whistleblower’s success in revealing wrongdoing and surviving the retaliation and legal battles that often follow.

The Whistleblower Support Fund, Inc., a subsidiary of AMHS, Inc., is a tax exempt (501c3) nonprofit organization based in Maryland.  Both are Maryland-chartered corporations.  The parent organization was formerly known as the Association of Mental Health Specialties, Inc., whose Tax Identification Number is 52-1517239. AMHD, Inc. is the exact listing in IRS Publication 78. The WSF supersedes an earlier subsidiary, Integrity International.

Shanna Devine to head whistleblower ombudsman office

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has appointed Shanna Devine the first Director of a new office in the House of Representatives,  the Office of the Whistleblower Ombudsman. The House Office of Whistleblower Ombudsman will provide best practices and trainings for offices of the House on whistleblower intake, which include establishing an effective …