Chelsea Manning released from jail but may be returning

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Chelsea Manning was freed on Thursday after two months in an Alexandria, Virginia jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury. That grand jury’s term expired but prosecutors immediately convened a new grand jury and sent a new subpoena to Manning requiring her to appear in court again this Thursday, May 16. It is expected that she will again refuse to respond to questions about WikiLeaks or Julian Assange. In that case, she could be returned to jail until the new grand jury completes its term.  [This story reposted with permission from Whistleblowing Today.}

Finally, Bradley Manning tells his story

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For three years, Bradley Manning has been jailed while the world speculated about his guilt or innocence in the release of classified material to WikiLeaks.  On Thursday, the Army Private finally had the opportunity to tell his story at a pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland.  In a 35-page statement that he read aloud, Manning acknowledged sending classified documents to WikiLeaks, He said he wanted to show Americans the “true costs of war.”

“I felt I accomplished something that would allow me to have a clear conscience,” said Manning, who spoke under oath for more than an hour. (more…)

Ecuador Grants Asylum to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

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On Thursday, Ecuador’s foreign minister, Ricard Patino, announced that his government had granted diplomatic asylum to Julian Assange, who took refuge at Ecuador’s London embassy on June 19. President Rafael Correa explained in a radio interview that asylum was granted because Assange deserves due process, and Sweden had refused to give assurance that it would protect Assange from extradition to the US.   (more…)