Oak Ridge nuclear weapons security breach showed how U.S. system for protecting federal whistleblowers is broken

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By Tom Nugent and Donald R. Soeken, Ph.D

(Re-posted with permission from OpEd News – 20 November 2012)

Now that President Barack Obama has been convincingly reelected, he can do the nation a huge service by quickly ordering his White House legal counsel to review a potential national security threat that could produce a catastrophe on the scale of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

That potentially devastating threat was nakedly exposed last July 28, when three senior citizens armed only with Bibles and bolt-cutters successfully invaded the country’s major storage facility for enriched uranium. (more…)

Stop Signs--Photo by Eyesplash, Flickr Creative Commons

OSC, MSPB act to protect Franz Gayl and Paul Hardy

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In an October 8 news release, the Office of Special Counsel reported that it had filed stay requests with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) in the cases of two whistleblowers, Franz Gayl and Paul T. Hardy.  On October 13, the MSPB issued an Order granting the stays, temporarily halting disciplinary actions against the two whistleblowers.  Advocates of good government praised the actions.