Whistleblower Russ Tice comments on Obama’s NSA speech

Following President Obama’s speech on Friday, a Reuters reporter interviewed Russell Tice for comments on the president’s proposed reforms of National Security Agency surveillance programs. Tice, a former NSA employee and whistleblower, criticized the lack of a mechanism to determine if the NSA is lying about its activities.

Whistleblower described as “tobacco industry’s worst nightmare” dies

Merrell Williams Jr., 72, died on November 18 of a heart attack at a hospital in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Described as “the mole who became the tobacco industry’s worst nightmare, he played a crucial role in exposing the industry’s intentional coverup of smoking’s dangers, disclosing internal documents previously withheld under attorney-client privilege.  (Cross-posted from Whistleblowing Today)

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Verdict in Bradley Manning trial discussed on Charlie Rose Show

The verdict in the Bradley Manning trial was the subject of discussion on Thursday’s Charlie Rose Show. Amy Davidson (the New Yorker) and Yochai Benkler (Harvard Law School) debated Phil Mudd (formerly of the FBI).  Like President Obama, Mudd took the position that individuals must never disclose classified information. Professor Benkler, a defense witness at Manning’s trial, looked at the issue more thoughtfully, saying,  “The question is:  What’s the proper balance?”

That question deserves serious national debate.