Wikileaks: The Witch Hunt Begins

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In “WikiLeaks: The National-Security State Strikes Back” (Harper’s, August 3), Scott Horton predicts the government’s reaction to the disclosure of 91,000 documents from the Afghan war.  The reprisal will begin with “an information war targeting WikiLeaks,” in which the intelligence community gins up fear that the disclosures “imperil the safety of American forces on the ground, America’s allies, […]

National Security at a Crossroads

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Tom Devine, Legal Director for the nonprofit Government Accountability Project, has worked on 5,000 whistleblower cases.  In an op-ed for the Washington Post, he describes the dilemma of conscientious national security employees who are forced by dysfunctional agencies to choose between leaking anonymously to the media or blowing the whistle internally, an act of “career […]

Archive seeks priceless whistleblower documents

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The International Whistleblower Archive (IWA) is seeking historical documents from truth-tellers whose cases reveal important information about waste, fraud and abuse in government and business.” The IWA is establishing a permanent library for thousands of documents related to the cases of American whistleblowers.  The  documents represent a priceless resource for those will defend future truthtellers […]

Whistleblowers urge stronger protections against retaliation

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At the Make It Safe Coalition conference held Monday and Tuesday in Washington, D.C., whistleblowers Daniel Ellsberg, Frank Serpico, Coleen Rowely and others urged Congress to pass legislation providing stronger protections against retaliation for federal workers who expose corruption and abuses. Below is video of the event taken by WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. Note: WJLA’s […]